BioVyon Cosinter SPE plate

MicroLute™ BioVyo Co-sinter products

BioVyon™ Co-sinter products are made using a solid-state media created from an ultra-pure and highly modified polymeric material with the lowest levels of extractables and leachables. Our proprietary BioVyon™ technology allows high-purity silica resins to be supported in a matrix which provides a high surface area whilst reducing channelling through the column. As the porous material is co-sintered under high pressure and temperature with the BioVyon™ polymer matrix, the resultant frit or column is impervious to further compression and easily resists channelling of liquids, even at high flow rates.

C8 and C18 products

Porvair Sciences have introduced MicroLute™ BioVyon™ Co-sintered C8 and C18 silica SPE 96-well plates for low volume assays. Offered in 96-well MicroLute™ plates as a 10mg per well loading of C8 or C18 suitable for low sample volume bioassay preps and clean ups.                 

Product Description
Microlute™ - BioVyon Co-sinter Plates C8 - 96 well plate 10mg per well
Product code: 240030
Microlute™ - BioVyon Co-sinter Plates C18 - 96 well plate 10 mg per well
Product code: 240031
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