23 May

Consistent base flatness with Porvair Sciences Krystal™ glass bottom plates

The Porvair Sciences Krystalultra-flat glass bottom microplate combines all the innovative features of our Krystal 384-well microplate range, such as novel square wells and increased measurement precision, with an exceptionally high degree of planar flatness. 

Making-up of our Krystal™ 384-well glass bottom plates

Manufactured to ANSI/SLAS standard, our Krystal™ ultra-flat glass bottom plates are designed specifically for laser detection and whole-plate CCD imaging applications. With a nominal cut-off wavelength of 335nm, these microplates make it much easier for researchers to read through or excite most fluorescence assays through the glass bottom.

The 384-well plates are made up of two parts – a polystyrene upper part and clear borosilicate glass bottom attached to the structure with a proprietary adhesive. The result is a revolutionary Krystal™ plate with a base that offers both consistent flatness and an improved light transmission without compromising the flat optical plane needed to grow cells making them an ideal support for cell-based assays.

What are the advantages of the Porvair Krystal glass bottom plates?

In addition to their high degree of planar flatness - about 50µm across glass area of the bottom base – and the 335nm UV optical cut-off which enables efficient read through of fluorescence assays, our Krystal™ 384-well glass bottom plates are made using biocompatible adhesive, featuring an industry standard well layout and 175µm glass thickness. What’s more, the ultra flat plates are robot friendly and resistant to alcohol, DMSO, and PBS.

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