26 February

Introducing the revolutionary Ultraseal Pro

Joining our series of automated and semi-automated sealing equipment is the Ultraseal Pro – the latest innovation by Porvair Sciences. Designed specifically for use as an entry level automation tool, the Ultraseal Pro is perfect for laboratories which require a reliable and consistent solution for plate and tube sealing.

How does the Ultraseal Pro work?

The Ultraseal Pro unit is an automated heat-applied microplate and tube rack sealer which uses a roll of surface modified aluminium or plastic film. The sealer positions the roll to the rear of the sealing section and pulls the film through the main unit using a total inline method. The instrument cuts the film to the appropriate length and quickly applies it to the top surface thus creating a secure and tight seal.

Specially designed to efficiently apply heat-activated sealing films to the top surface of a microplate or a tube rack, the Ultraseal Pro system can be operated both pneumatically and electrically, allowing researchers greater flexibility when it comes to maintaining control of the film reel.  

Prior to sealing, scientists can use the Gas Purge option to create a protective barrier against the air void which often forms between samples and seal. Laying a heavy gas coating over the well surface will help reduce oxygen or even create a virtually oxygen-free environment once the plates are sealed.

Ultraseal Pro key features and benefits

Engineered with robustness in mind, the Utraseal Pro is reliable and versatile. It can work with tube racks, customs mouldings, shallow and deep well formats, as well as plates from a range of different manufacturers across the same application.

The Ultraseal Pro is easy to program and user-friendly, with a throughput of six plates per minute. It supports polystyrene, polypropylene, CoC and CoP plate formats ranging between 7mm and 48mm in height. Our revolutionary sealer is also compatible with a variety of film substrates, including foil seals, optical seals, and gas permeable seals.

On top of the automatic cut and apply seals functionality built into the Ultraseal Pro, users can add a heavy gas pre-seal application manifold and a shuttle extension module for greater access.

For more information about the Ultraseal Pro get in touch with our team.