25 March

Microlute™ PPP revolutionises the world of protein precipitation

Introducing a next generation high throughput protein precipitation by Porvair Sciences – the Microlute™ Protein Precipitation Plate (PPP). Microlute™ PPP is the latest addition to our range of sample preparation materials and focuses on enabling scientists to efficiently precipitate proteins from plasma and serum. Designed for easy automation, our Microlute™ Protein Precipitation Plates prevent leakage and blockage, allowing for optimal precipitation.

How do the Microlute™ Protein Precipitation Plates work?

Downstream applications can often face interference due to the proteins contained in biological samples. In order to optimise analysis results in fields such as pharmaceutical research, scientists need a tool which can efficiently remove small molecules from the protein matrix of biological fluids such as plasma or serum. If left in the samples, proteins can precipitate out into the HPLC mobile phase and cause blockages in the apparatus or even affect LC-MS analyte response by suppressing or enhancing the ions in the source.

Using the CRASH method, our Microlute™ PPP denature the protein with acetronitrile and filter out flocculant, enabling researchers to handle 96 samples at one time. The CRASH protein clean-up technique aptly does what it says on the box: when acetonitrile is added, the protein from the samples ‘crashes’ out of the solution and precipitates directly in each well, thus solving all common problems described above.

Microlute™ Protein Precipitation Plates key features and benefits

Successful mass spectrometry (MS) analysis relies heavily on the isolation of high quality, protein-free samples. Traditionally, scientists use common centrifugation-based techniques such as salt induced or isoelectric precipitation to remove protein from biological fluids. With Microlute™ Protein Precipitation Plates, Porvair Sciences offer an alternative method for protein precipitation.

The high throughput format of the 96 well filtration plate offers a series of advantages, including maximised recovery of the analytes/compounds thanks to the low bind novel dual frit which prevents leakage and ensures the sample flows consistently through the plate when vacuum is applied. The Microlute™ PPP kit also comes with optional drain cap and top cap mats for vortex sample mixing.

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