Microplate Adhesive Sealing Film

Adhesive seals with easy-peel tabs at each short side are an inexpensive and easy way to seal microplates for transport or to prevent contamination and evaporation. Porvair Sciences adhesive films come in a variety of formats to suit most applications.

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Product Description
SealPlate Clear adhesive film for PP or PS plates
Product code: 229016
ThermalSeal™ Standard PCR
Product code: 229303
ThermalSeal™ Standard PCR Sterile
Product code: 229304
EZ-Pierce easily pierced polyethylene
Product code: 229306
AeraSeal Breatheable seal Rayon - Sterile
Product code: 229308
X-pierce pre-scored film 96 Well Round - sterile
Product code: 229495
X-pierce pre-scored film 96 Well Round
Product code: 229496
Aluma Seal 96
Product code: 229497
Aluma Seal CS
Product code: 229499
Absorb Max light blocking film
Product code: 229520
Thermal Seal RT2RR
Product code: 229521
Gas Permeable Moisture barrier Clear Seal, cut to 96 well pattern
Product code: 500120
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