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Microplates also known as micro-well or microtiter plates are specifically designed for low to high throughput  applications in analytical and clinical diagnostic laboratories. These essential ‘small test tubes’ are widely used for mixing, centrifugation, filtration and storage of samples. Manufactured from virgin polymers, microplates exhibit high chemical and heat resistance, withstand low temperatures for long-term sample storage, low extractables and leachables for high biocompatibility. The range of Porvair Sciences microplates are available in a diverse range of well numbers, shapes, volume, materials and application-ready formats.


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High and Medium Bind Microplates

Introducing Signum™ HB & Signum™ MB microplates for reproducible immunocapture assays. Explore the wide range of uniformly, surface-treated assay plates.

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Porvair Sciences are a manufacturer of polypropylene and polystyrene microplates in 24, 96 and 384 well formats. The PP plates are used for sample storage, collection, presentation and as part of a sample preparation workflow. The polystyrene plates are moulded in clear, black and white and are available with solid bottoms, or assembled with clear polystyrene, glass, quartz or COC bases. These can them be further treated to create specific surface characteristics for cell culture or assay applications.