Our portfolio of laboratory instruments has been designed and manufactured to complement the wide range of consumables Porvair Sciences has to offer.

Take a look at the UltraPPM™ LITE for high throughput simple processing with solid phase extraction (SPE) and other filter-based sample clean up methods (e.g. protein crash, phospholipid removal (PLR) and supported liquid extraction (SLE). To accelerate solvent evaporation or sample concentration, explore the Ultravap® range of blowdown evaporators. Researchers looking to protect precious samples for storage and/or transportation will benefit from the Ultraseal™ range of sealers designed to create a reproducible tight seal with a diverse range of microplates and vials.

From individual research labs to high-throughput fully automated facilities, discover our complete range of application-specific instruments designed for life-long, operational excellence.

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