SKU: 250-10083

The Precise Positive Pressure Manifold


  • Dual range controls for flow and pressure
  • Precise and uniform delivery of air flow from manifold head
  • Interchangeable heads for 24, 48, 96-well processing
  • Open design for real-time visual confirmation of sample flow through
  • 2 button operation feature for safety and prevention of accidental processing

For more information, please see our UltraPPM LITE brochure


The Precise Positive Pressure Manifold

The UltraPPM LITE is the latest in cutting-edge manifold design, instilling confidence in sample processing for chromatography workflows. This positive pressure manifold maintains a uniform pressure across all filter wells, guaranteeing a seamless flow of samples for maximum analyte recovery. Offering the flexibility to fine-tune settings, the UltraPPM LITE puts you in control, enabling you to reliably process your samples effortlessly and proceed to downstream processes with full confidence.

Why Choose The UltraPPM LITE?

  • Designed and precision engineered to effortlessly process your samples from start to finish
  • Perfect for vacuum manifold users looking to increase throughput with ease, consistency and control
  • It processes sensitive and challenging samples e.g. volatile, moisture-sensitive, viscous
  • Well-to-well uniformity, plate-to-plate reproducibility during sample preparation methods including SPE

Applications: Microplate-based filtration. Packed bed and composite-based SPE, SLE, PLR, and Protein Precipitation.

Did you know that you can quickly and easily adapt the UltraPPM LITE to different plate well formats? We have a range of interchangeable heads for ANSI/SBS standards ready to order with your instrument.

Interchangeable Head Product Numbers:

  • 24-well head: 150-10083-004
  • 48-well head: 150-10083-003
  • 96-well head: 150-10083-002
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    UltraPPM LITE
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