Ultraseal™ Pro

SKU: 500290

  • Fully compatible with lab automation
  • Seals up to 6 plates per minute
  • Suitable for plates up to 45mm in height
  • Built-in sensors to monitor seal integrity
  • Customisable, password-protected programs for consistent sealing
  • Gas purge option for greater protective barrier
  • Compatible with ANSI standard plates and vial holders
  • Ideal for PCR, qPCR and other assays and storage-based applications
  • Compatible with a range of plate materials including polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, COC and COP plates
  • Wide range of compatible seals, films and foils available including optically clear, low temperature and gas permeable


The Ultraseal™ Pro is the fastest heat sealing instrument, designed to effortlessly seal microplates and tubes while ensuring maximum protection with a tighter seal. The Ultraseal™ Pro is compact, versatile and fully automated for high throughput reliable and consistent sealing.

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    Ultraseal™ Pro
    Product code: 500290

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