Custom Manufacturing

Porvair Sciences Ltd has a long history of successfully helping customers develop new and innovative microtitre plates and equipment. Porvair Sciences expertise in polymer moulding, surface treatment, specialist assembly and general understanding of life science applications makes the company ideal for custom manufacture.

We can also undertake ‘private labelling’ of our standard products. Current customers for custom  manufacture include the following groups:

  • Scientific instrument companies
  • Pharmaceutical R&D laboratories
  • Cell biology companies
  • Compound library suppliers
  • Diagnostic companies
  • Military contractors
  • Microarray research companies

Techniques which Porvair Sciences use in the generation of custom products include:

  • Polymer ultrasonic welding
  • Plasma surface treatment of polymers
  • ‘Two-shot’ injection moulding
  • Co-sintering of polymers/silicas

Porvair Sciences offers rapid solutions to problems by consultancy, design and speedy prototyping for biotech, pharmaceutical and life science companies.


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