Plate Sealers

Protecting precious samples during storage and transportation is an essential final step for a wide range of laboratory and clinical applications. Our world-leading range of microplate heat and adhesive sealers offers maximum flexibility without compromising on sealing quality. Stable heat-sealing performance ensures reliable one-time, hermetic sealing of multi-well microplates, preventing sample loss through evaporation and cross contamination between wells. Secure adhesive sealing provides the best solution for heat sensitive samples. The range of instruments from Porvair Sciences is fully flexible, offering you a wide range of settings including time, temperature, pressure and film length.

Of the various microplate sealing methods, heat sealing has become the preferred option. It creates an airtight and chemically resistant seal without the complications of adhesives being applied to a plate. Porvair Sciences has developed a range of units to meet the needs of low, medium and high throughput laboratories.

Porvair Sciences has a comprehensive range of seals and foils for thermal and adhesive sealing of microplates. In addition, a full range of re-usable cap mats is available for friction sealing of plates.