Ultraseal™ Lite

SKU: 500091

Ultraseal™ Lite. Adaptable Semi-automatic microplate heat sealer. Seals using sheets of film

• Simple slide & seal operation
• Seal up to 6 plates per minute
• Fully electric for reliable sealing and optimal programming
• Auto-adjusting sensors for different plate heights (no spacers required)
• Suitable for polypropylene, polyethylene and polystyrene plates
• Ability to seal PCR plates

Porvair Sciences Ultraseal™ LITE is the effortless, lightweight heat sealer designed to tightly seal polypropylene,
polyethylene and polystyrene microplates and glass tubes. Ideal for low to medium throughput laboratories, this
compact and user-friendly instrument is fully electrical with no gas inputs required and can seal up to 6 plates
per minute with a high degree of integrity and reproducibility. The Ultraseal™ LITE is intuitively designed to
auto-detect and adjust in response to a wide range of plate heights thereby eliminating the need of spacers and
reducing the risk of cross-contamination in standard microplates sealing.

Slide and Seal
Pre-cut sheets of surface modified aluminium or plastic film (~78 mm x 128 mm) are placed on the plate surface and the sliding drawer pushed closed to initate sealing program. There is no need for plate height spacing as the Ultraseal™ LITE has ability to seal from 9 mm to 48 mm tall plates. In under 10 seconds, plates are tightly sealed, automatically ejected and ready for downstream applications such as storage and transportation.

Smooth Operation
Constant time and pressure is key to obtaining consistent and a tight seal each and every time. The system operation is designed to efficiently and accurately align a heat-activated sealing medium to a microplate or tube rack top surface. Using the touch screen control pad, heat and time based variables can be easily programmed to optimise the quality, strength and integrity of sealing. The Ultraseal™ LITE has a temperature range of up to 200°C to suit a wide range of sealing films and foils.


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    Ultraseal™ Lite
    Product code: 500091

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