The Microlute® Composite Technology

Why is it better?

Our unique Microlute® product range features a novel composite technology that combines chromatographically active resins with inert polyethylene. The porous and robust filtration frits formed by this process have been specifically designed to improve consistency and reproducibility of sample preparation for chromatography.

How does it differ from other sample preparation products?

The traditional loose packed format of sample preparation products consists of resin sandwiched between two polyethylene frits. These products, while functional, can be susceptible to variability due to the packing process. Inherent issues such as voiding, channeling, variable bed weights and compression can lead to highly variable flow rates and unreliable analytical data.

Immobilising resin in the Microlute® composites eliminates the limitations of loose packing ensuring the best attainable data.

Microlute Frits

Key Features:

  • Rigid Structure: The robust, single piece design eliminates compression, allowing consistent flow rates through each well and ensuring uniform sample processing.
  • Reproducible Bed Weight: Precision manufacturing controls active resin delivery minimising variability and guaranteeing accurate and consistent bed weights across the whole 96 well plate.
  • Embedded Resin: Resin is evenly distributed throughout the frit structure and secured in place. This eliminates variability and poor recovery caused by channeling and voiding.
  • Consistent Liquid Flow: Enhanced flow characteristics ensures reproducibility through uniform analyte, solvent and resin interactions.


Microlute Example Products

How does the Microlute® technology perform in the lab?

Flow consistency:

When comparing liquid flow between a loose packed plate and Microlute® composite plate, the composite plate outperforms the loose packed plate with its wells emptying uniformly.

To view a video of the flow advantages of the Microlute® range, click here

Loose Packed Table Example

Reproducible analyte recovery across multiple compounds:

In a comparative study between loose packed and composite products, using the same bed weight and resin batches, the composite plate showed greater reproducibility without any reduction in recovery.

Microlute Graph

To find out more about the reproducibility benefits of the Microlute® composite range, click here

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