Ultraseal™ XT-PRO

SKU: 250-10011XT

  • Able to use multiple manufacturers” plates across applications
  • Supports polystyrene, polypropylene and CoC & CoP plate formats
  • Easy to program
  • Operator and integrator friendly

The Ultraseal™ XT-PRO unit is an automated heat applied micro plate and tube rack sealer. The unit uses a roll of surface modified aluminium or plastic film approx. 78mm wide and 610m long, the roll is positioned to the rear of the sealing section. Using a total inline method, the film is pulled through the main unit, cut to between 125mm and 130mm in length and then applied to the plate top surface to create the seal between plate and film. Offering complete versatility, the sealer will work with a wide range of plates, tube racks and custom applications shallow and deep well formats, and custom mouldings. Our latest range of seals support polystyrene, polypropylene and CoC & CoP plate formats with a range of film substrates please contact us for further details.

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    Ultraseal™ XT-PRO
    Product code: 250-10011XT

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