Ultravap® Mistral XT150

SKU: 500292

Mistral XT150, extra height Blowdown Evaporator for tubes up to 150mm high, no head, 110/220V

  • Automation-Friendly: Flat front profile and platform shuttle for greater interfacing with liquid-handling instruments
  • Reproducible Evaporation: Advanced head technology for consistent hot gas injection (up to 80°C) in each tube and well
  • Custom design of holders and needle heads for individual sample types
  • Clean Concentration: System built to eliminate risk of cross-contamination. Ideal for sensitive samples
  • Ideal for sensitive samples: Bulk of sample remains at ambient, only the surface is heated
  • Intuitive Design: Slim and compact bench-friendly design with built-in LED lights for greater sample visibility

The Ultravap® Mistral XT150 blowdown evaporator from Porvair Sciences are designed to remove the traditional laboratory ‘bottleneck’ of solvent evaporation from glass tubes. The new flat front profile and platform shuttle enables greater interfacing with liquid-handling robots for increased automation efficiency. Reproducible sample throughput is achieved by recent advancements in gas injection technology to directly and consistently deliver heated gas in each tube (up to 150 mm in height). The Ultravap® Mistral XT150 is the most sophisticated automation-friendly model from offers significant throughput advantages to laboratories looking to optimise sample preparation.


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    Ultravap® Mistral XT150
    Product code: 500292

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