Ultraseal™ ePRO

SKU: 250-10039

  • All-electric operation, removing the risk of cross-contamination inherent in compressed air powered sealers
  • Intuitive touchscreen user interface
  • Variable foil length 118mm to 128mm
  • Closed-loop seal force monitoring and control system
  • Sealing force tolerance allows the force applied to be defined
  • Closed-loop controlled sealing temperature
  • Tool-free foil loading; gas permeable films can be processed
  • Automatically compensates for plate heights
  • User-settable variable seal time and pressures via screen or comm
  • Quieter than conventional pneumatically driven units
  • Automation Friendly

Featuring all-electric operation, the Ultraseal™ ePRO removes the risk of cross-contamination inherent in compressed air-powered sealers. The use of force sensors allows dynamic feedback during the entire sealing process to ensure homogenous sealing, all controlled through the intuitive touchscreen interface. Capable of handling foil lengths between 118mm and 128mm, the eSeal automatically compensates for variations in plate heights.

Keywords – Microplate Sealer


Fully electrically operated plate sealer

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    Ultraseal™ ePRO
    Product code: 250-10039

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