Ultravap® Levante

SKU: 500226

Ultravap Levante fully robot compatible Blowdown Evaporator Without needle head, 110/230V

  • Reproducible Evaporation: Advanced head technology for consistent hot gas injection in each tube and well
  • High Sample Throughput: Choice of 12-, 24-, 48-, 96- and 384 needle heads
  • Clean Concentration: System built to eliminate risk of cross-contamination.
  • 3 programmable steps per method
  • 5 method storage
  • Max temperature 80 °C
  • Max flow rate 90 l/min
  • Ideal for sensitive samples: Bulk of sample remains at ambient, only the surface is heated
  • Intuitive Design: Slim and compact

The Ultravap® Levante is ideal starter evaporator for efficient concentration of samples.
Porvair Sciences expertise in evaporator technologies has led to the development of the latest state of-the-art evaporator that offers greater control and flexibility over sample preparation workflows. The standalone instrument is designed to consistently and reproducibly evaporate organic solvents from samples. Precisely engineered to ANSI/SLAS standard, the Ultravap® Levante is designed to securely fit all microplate formats and tube racks for glass vials up to 45 mm.


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    Ultravap® Levante
    Product code: 500226

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