Blowdown Evaporator Ultravap Levante

Ultravap® Levante Sample Concentrator 

The Ultravap® Levante brings you many of the benefits associated with our flagship evaporator, the Ultravap® Mistral, in an affordable, automation-ready package. The Levante models do not have the in/out plate shuttle of the Mistral, but they are still fully programmable and easy to control from a robot liquid handler. It can also be fitted with the ducted fan fume extraction option, just like the Mistral, and shares most of the software features including full colour touch screen, stored alphanumerically named programmes (5 programmes), multi-step evaporation programmes (3 steps) and full administrative control (user or admin levels). The removable acrylic splash guard protects the user and also ensures efficient removal of solvent vapour from the evaporation table, whilst the solid state power supply enables the unit to run from either 110v or 220v without an external transformer. There is no CAN bus control on the Levante, that feature is reserved for the Mistral.

The Ultravap® Levante therefore meets the requirements of most busy laboratories for removal of chromatographic solvents prior to LC/MS analysis, dry recovery or reconstitution. It is a flexible, efficient, workhorse instrument with the possibility of remote control and full automation with robots having extended gripper arms.

  • Robot-compatible dry down station for LCMS applications
  • Intuitive graphical colour touch screen display
  • Up to five stored evaporation programmes
  • Up to three programmable steps per method
  • On board gas management
  • Remote control from PC option
  • RS232 connection with full remote control command set
  • Reversible screen for integration at side of robot
  • Built-in fume management and optional duct connector
  • Faster evaporation times
  • Choice of 24-, 48-, 96- and 384-well heads
  • Small footprint to fit in your hood
  • Eco mode extends the life of the heater and fan, if fitted.

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