Sample Preparation Consumables for Chromatography

Sample preparation is the process samples undergo to transform into a substance suitable for chemical analysis. It is used in chromatography and drug discovery to improve the quality of scientific analysis. Our sample preparation method utilises a porous plastic structure. An interconnected network of channels allows for a greater flow of samples, enhanced reproducibility and more reliable and consistent recoveries. Ready to purchase sample preparation consumables? Browse our range of sample preparation equipment now to find the right product for you.

Quicker, Cleaner and More Accurate

  • Porous structure allows greater flow of samples, enhanced reproducibility and more reliable and consistent recoveries
  • Greater reproducibility allows you to retest again and again
  • Maximum recovery means less manual handling steps for cleaner, easier and quicker sample clean-up.
  • Cleaner samples allow for the effective and efficient removal of analytes which means there is less risk of contamination.
  • Perfect for laboratory automated workflows to simultaneously and reproducibly process multiple samples at a time


Chromatography sample preparation consumables accommodate a range of techniques including phospholipid removal, supported liquid extraction and solid-phase extraction. While it is often preferable to minimise the number of sample preparation methods used, sometimes using a few methods of sample preparation can lead to more reliable results. Our sample preparation products provide you with a quick and reliable way of obtaining clean samples for analysis. They make it easy for you to reproduce the same method again and again so you can retest to ensure your results are reliable. 

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