Chromatrap® DNA Size Selection Kit

SKU: 500263

Chromatrap® DNA Size selection High throughput 96-well plate Kit with2 plates and all buffers etc..

Easily purify your preferred DNA fragments from a wide range of sample sources with the Chromatrap® Size Selection kit. In 3 simple steps (bind, wash and elute) in under 5 minutes, elute superior quality DNA fragments of your desired size for downstream applications such as library preparation for next generation sequencing in under 5 minutes.

Input Volume: Up to 100 µl solution
Sample Size: 50bp, 100bp, 150bp & 200bp. Flexible with easy buffer adjustments
Elution Volume: 20 – 50 µl
DNA Recovery: Up to 98%
Sample Type: ChIP samples, PCR mixtures, Enzyme Reactions and DNA samples, NGS libraries
Downstream Applications: Library Preparation, Next Generation Sequencing, Restriction Digest, Ligations, PCR
Protocol Length: 5 minutes






2 ml


96 well



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    Chromatrap® DNA Size Selection Kit
    Product code: 500263

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