Microlute® SLE 200 mg Plate

SKU: PSLE200P-001

Microlute® SLE 200 mg / 96 well plate Pack of 1

  • Selectively sourced diatomaceous earth (DE)
  • High reproducibility
  • Perfect for plasma, serum, oral fluids, urine or other aqueous based solutions.
  • Compatible with vacuum and positive pressure systems

With no inversions, shaking or tedious pipetting required, MicroluteTM SLE overcomes sample handling issues commonly associated with traditional liquid-liquid extraction (LLE). This method of sample preparation gives you a workflow that is reliable, precise and optimised for efficient clean-up of samples for chromatography analysis (eg. GC, UHPLC/HPLC).




Diatomaceous Earth


2 ml


96 well

Bed weight

200 mg


Supported Liquid Extraction

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    Microlute® SLE 200 mg Plate
    Product code: PSLE200P-001

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