Microlute® CP WCX 30 mg cartridges

SKU: PWCX0303-050

Microlute® CP SPE 30 mg WCX 3 ml cartridge (Pack of 50)

  • Increased reproducibility of recovery levels
  • Increased sample throughput
  • Weak Cation exchange for strongly basic analytes
  • Mixed mode hydrophobic mechanism

Unlike traditional loose-filled SPE methods, Microlute® CP uses a hybrid structure, a solid interconnected network of evenly distributed pores combined with the retentive media. This design enhances the flow-through of samples to maximise interactions between analytes and the solid phase to deliver a reproducible SPE method that excels in performance, cleanliness and sensitivity.

Download our recommended Protocol for WCX products:      Microlute CP WCX – Protocol






3 ml


3 ml Cartridge

Bed weight

30 mg


Solid Phase Extraction

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    Microlute® CP WCX 30 mg cartridges
    Product code: PWCX0303-050

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