Chromatrap® DNA Concentration Kit

SKU: 500240

Chromatrap® DNA purify and concentrate High throughput 96-well plate Kit with2 plates and all buffers etc..

The perfect kit for cleaner and more purified DNA than standard methods of DNA purification.
Clean up and concentrate DNA in as little as 5µl (5-10 µg DNA) elution volume. This kit is ideal for concentrated purification of DNA from standard molecular techniques such as PCR and restriction enzyme digestion to give you superior quality and recovery of DNA ideal for downstream applications

Input Volume: Up to 100 µl solution
Starting Material: PCR mixtures, ChIP samples, restriction enzyme digestions
Sample Size: 50bp – 23kb
Elution Volume: 5µl -50µl
DNA Recovery: Up to 98%
Applications: PCR, sequencing, microarray, ligation and cloning
Protocol Time: 5 minutes






2 ml


96 well



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    Chromatrap® DNA Concentration Kit
    Product code: 500240

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