Combinatorial Microlute® plate (36 µm pore)

SKU: 600033

Combinatorial Microlute® plate, unpacked with bottom frits. Mean pore size 36 um PE bulk pack

Combinatorial Microlute® is based on the tried and tested Microlute® format. This is a 96-well polypropylene plate with a bottom polyethylene frit already in place. It is designed to allow packing with any material required for chemical synthesis. Two bottom frit sizes are available, 10 μm and 30 μm, however, we recommend the use of 30 μm top frits to ensure a good flow rate in both cases.

Up to 2ml per well of sample
Low frit liquid retention
Virgin polypropylene
Manufactured to ANSI/SLAS standard




2 ml


96 well


Solid Phase Extraction

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    Combinatorial Microlute® plate (36 µm pore)
    Product code: 600033

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