Microlute® PLR 25 mg Plate

SKU: PPLR025P-001

Microlute® PLR 25 mg / 96 well plate Pack of 1

  • Removes a wide range of phospholipids
  • Composite design for high reproducibility
  • >99% recovery for a wide range of neutral, acidic and basic analytes

Unlike traditional loose-packed methods, the Microlute® PLR hybrid technology is composed of a solid interconnected network of evenly distributed pores that allow biological fluids to flow smoothly and consistently throughout the filter. This feature enhances product performance and the efficiency of your sample preparation workflow.

The Microlute® PLR method of phospholipid removal is specifically designed to enhance the flow of samples through the filter to maximise the recovery of analytes with unrivalled reproducibility. Efficiently remove a wide range of phospholipids from plasma and serum samples with Microlute® PLR and increase the sensitivity and integrity of UHPLC/HPLC methods.

Effective Removal
Precisely remove all classes of phospholipids from plasma and serum samples.

Greater Reproducibility
Reliable phospholipid removal and analyte recovery from well-to-well and batch-to-batch first time and every time.

Higher Sensitivity
Uncover true analyte responses by minimising enhancement and suppression of analytes.

Maximum Recovery
Greater than 99% recovery with high levels of reproducibility for a wide range of acidic, basic or neutral analytes.






2 ml


96 well

Bed weight

25 mg


Phospholipid Removal

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    Microlute® PLR 25 mg Plate
    Product code: PPLR025P-001

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