SKU: 250-10024-002

  • Plate handling moving and positioning system
  • Easy to program
  • Operator and integrator friendly
  • Able to use multiple plastic ware manufacturers” plates
  • Robustly engineered
  • Handles plates with or without lids (lid lift optional)
  • Direct integration via RS232 link
  • Proprietary firmware and application driver
  • Handles all SBS footprint applications and range of racks

The Scorpion range offers the user the ability to step up to automated microplate handling with a number of OEM liquid handling systems. Offering complete versatility, the Scorpion will work with a wide range of microplates, tube racks, shallow and deep well formats.

Keyword – Microplate Handler



Instrument Type

Plate Handling

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    Product code: 250-10024-002

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