Microlute™ SLE Microplate

Easily extract a wide range of acidic, basic and neutral analytes from a range of biological or aqueous samples with a superior method of liquid extraction, supported liquid extraction (SLE). MicroluteTM SLE 96 well plates and cartridges use selectively sourced diatomaceous earth (DE) as the solid support to maximise absorption of the aqueous solutions to allow simpler recovery of analytes from samples with greater reproducibility.



Effortless Recovery

Less manual handling steps for cleaner, easier and quicker sample clean-up. Obtain > 99% recovery of contaminant-free analytes without the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

Higher Throughput

Simultaneously and reproducibly process up to 96 samples. Perfect for laboratory automated workflows.

Cleaner Samples

Effective and efficient removal of proteins and impurities. Less risk of contamination.

Lab Friendly

Significantly less solvent and glassware use and reduced clean-up time.

Better than LLE with MicroluteTM SLE

With no inversions, shaking or tedious pipetting required, MicroluteTM SLE overcomes sample handling issues commonly associated with traditional liquid-liquid extraction (LLE). This method of sample preparation gives you a workflow that is reliable, precise and optimised for efficient clean-up of samples for chromatography analysis (eg. GC, UHPLC/HPLC).

Simply add your sample on to the plate or cartridge, wait 5 minutes for complete absorption of the aqueous solution and elute analytes in your preferred solvent.

  • Available in 96 well plate and cartridge formats

  • 200 μl (and 400 μl) maximum load volume(s)

  • Perfect for plasma, serum, oral fluids, urine or other aqueous based solutions.

  • Compatible with vacuum and positive pressure systems

  • Applications: forensics, pharmaceutical, drug discovery and clinical

Product # Description Format



Microlute SLE 200 mg

3ml Cartridge



Microlute SLE 200 mg

96 well plate  1


Microlute SLE 400 mg

3ml Cartridge 1


Microlute SLE 400 mg

96 well plate  1


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