SKU: 250-10066

  • Fully automated bar code applicator
  • Includes own PC control
  • Individual internal generation of labels
  • Works directly with OEM label creation software via application card
  • Individual programmable macros stored in PC
  • Uses robust and proven label print engines
  • Electrical supply only

eGecko2 barcode applicator utilises a robust and proven custom designed label printer. The system is a completely integrated printer and application unit in one, requiring only an electrical supply. With easy swap head operation you can apply labels to flat and curved surfaces with one simple change.

Utilising proprietary software, this enables the creation of label position and the ability to run the eGecko2 automation simultaneously. Integrated third party software, Bartender, is used to direct drive data to the printer. Alternative data can be used upon request.

Using fully integrated PC.



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    Product code: 250-10066

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