Microlute™ Robotic vacuum manifold

SKU: 228020

  • Compatible with all ANSI/SBS standard filter plates.
  • Simple use of adaptors for medium or short skirt plates.
  • Made from chemically resistant acrylic.
  • Designed for easy handling by laboratory automation systems.
  • Built-in vacuum gauge allows for consistency of extraction.

Vacuum manifolds speed up the processing of SPE and filtration steps by applying by drawing liquid through the plate into a waste or collection plate below.

The Microlute™ robotic vacuum manifold is designed to be easily assembled and disassembled by laboratory automation robots. It is compatible with most ANSI/SBS plates without the need for accessories. Medium and short skirt plate are equally compatible with the use of simple adaptors.

228021   Adaptor 1 for medium skirt plates e.g. Qiagen, Waters µElution plates.

228022   Adaptor 2 for use with short skirt plates such as Axygen.

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    Microlute™ Robotic vacuum manifold
    Product code: 228020

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