Porvair Sciences is proud to announce the launch of its UltraPPM LITE positive pressure manifold. This cutting-edge solution is set to redefine the standards of reliability and efficiency in sample processing, offering users unparalleled control and precision in their experiments.

With the UltraPPM LITE, researchers can regulate gas flow and pressure in real-time with remarkable precision, ensuring consistent and uniform pressure across all wells of a sample processing plate. This level of control not only empowers users to handle a diverse range of samples, including viscous ones, but also provides the flexibility needed for both independent researchers and multidisciplinary laboratory settings.

“Our goal with UltraPPM LITE is to empower researchers with a tool that not only delivers exceptional precision but also enhances the reliability of their results in sample preparation workflows,” said Krzysztof Kielmann, Product Manager at Porvair Sciences. “This system not only improves the reliability and consistency of sample processing but also significantly reduces the risk of contamination, allowing scientists to focus on their research without any compromise.”

The design and operation of the UltraPPM LITE system serves to protect samples from environmental threats such as moisture, degradation, and boiling. Its precise delivery of gas into each well, reduces the risk of cross-contamination, thereby, eliminating the occurrence of splashing issues commonly encountered in vacuum-based manifolds. This ensures a seamless and secure sample processing experience, regardless of the complexity of the samples involved. Designed to process plates ranging from 24 to 384 wells, the UltraPPM LITE showcases Porvair Sciences commitment to precision engineering. Its proprietary technology guarantees uniform sample flow through every well, making it a robust and reproducible system that researchers can rely on for consistent results.