Microplate Heat Sealer

Thermal plate sealers

Of the various methods for sealing microplates, heat sealing has become the preferred option. It creates an air tight and chemically-resistant seal without the complications of adhesives being applied to a plate. Porvair Sciences has developed a range of units to meet the needs of low, medium and high throughput laboratories for microplate sealing.

UltraSeal™ Pro - Automated Heat Sealer for Plates and Tubes

The UltraSeal™ Pro unit is an automated heat applied microplate and tube rack sealer. The unit uses a roll of surface modified aluminium or plastic film approx. 78mm wide and 610mm long, the roll is positioned to the rear of the sealing section via a removable stand, using a total inline method the film is pulled through the main unit, cut between 125mm and 130mm in length and then applied to the plate top surface to create a tight seal between plate and film.

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MiniSeal II semi-automatic heat sealer


The MiniSeal II semi-automatic plate sealer builds on the reputation of our earlier Minseal design for robustness and an ability to seal most types of plate. For users who need a tight seal on deep well plates, conventional sealers may not offer sufficient down force to guarantee a good seal.

With powerful stepper motor control and a mighty 450 watts of heating power available, the new MiniSeal II copes effortlessly with PCR, filter-bottomed, assay and deep well plates, EVEN if the plate itself is distorted or bowed. Easy to set up with simple up/down programming for both sealing time and sealing temperature, the MiniSeal II also boasts a robust drawer design that ensures excellent conformance to health & safety regulations.

With so much available power, sealing times for most polypropylene plates with Porvair seals are less than 3 seconds each. Sealed plates are automatically ejected from the MiniSeal II. With a footprint smaller than a sheet of A4 paper and weighing just 6kgs, this electrically-driven sealer is ideal for small bench spaces.

Unlike some other manufacturer’s products, MiniSeal II comes complete with plate adaptors for standard SBS microplates, deep well microplates and PCR plates. The unused adaptors are ingeniously designed to stack on top of the unit when not in use. Also included is a brass plate weight to keep your foils and seals flat during sealing.

  • Desktop semi-automatic Heat Applied Plate Sealing System
  • Seal SBS format micro well plates and tubes
  • Seals plates of any height from 9 - 48mm
  • Temperature range from ambient to 200ºC
  • Seal time from 0.1 - 9.9 seconds
  • Simple slide operation
  • Combined temperature and seal time display
  • Light weight system, only 6kgs (14lbs)
  • 110V / 220V 50/60 Hz compatible
  • No compressed air required
Product Description
Skirtless PCR plate adaptor 96 well
Product code: 500083
Plate adaptor 384 well PCR plates
Product code: 500084
MiniSeal 2 Automatic Single Plate Heat Sealer 110v / 230v, Supplied complete with two plate adaptor blocks, plate weight and line cord.
Product code: 500090
Spare plate weight to hold film down during sealing - for RECESSED plates only
Product code: 500110
Spare plate weight to hold film down during sealing - for STANDARD & RIMLESS plates only
Product code: 500213
Ultraseal Pro: Automated Heat Sealer for Tubes Racks and Plates
Product code: 500290
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