Ultraseal™ CAP-LITE

SKU: 229078

The Manual Cap and Mat Applicator


  • Compact, bench-friendly design
  • Double-sided plate shuttle for shallow to deep well plate
  • Chemically resistant coating
  • Can be secured to bench for additional security

Compatible With

  • Most commercially available septum cap mats
  • 2D-coded and uncoded tubes in SBS-format racks
  • Handles friction and septum seals for 24-, 48- and 96-tube plates

The Ultraseal™ CAP-LITE is the manual version of the semi-automated Ultraseal™ CAP-PRO and is the ideal, economical solution for low-medium throughput laboratories. Pulling down on the sturdy handle quickly and strongly applies friction sealing mats or septum sealing caps to SBS format tube racks and microplates. Place your rack or plate with its associated friction mat or septum cap in the drawer, push it firmly shut and pull down the hand pull to seal.

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    Ultraseal™ CAP-LITE
    Product code: 229078

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