A new Ultraseal™ range of conventional heat-sealing films by Porvair Sciences

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Porvair Sciences has launched a range of Ultraseal™ heat-sealing films that display key film characteristics on each sheet. The information clearly identifies; which plates the heat-sealing films can be used with, how thick the seal is and whether they are peelable and/or pierceable. The new Ultraseal™ range also includes clear films suitable for qPCR, wider temperature ranges and solvent compatibilities.

As, sealing multiwell plates is an essential step in many application workflows to control sample changes over time, protecting samples from the atmosphere or from changing concentration as solvent evaporates, the seals are used as a form of a physical barrier.

Due to numerous  sample and application characteristics however there are many performance requirements for the seals on a variety of different plate types, E.g. a sample may need to be injected into an analysers so the seal needs to be pierceable, the seal also may need to be removed to allow another reagent to be added which would require it to have peelable characteristics. Laboratories also often use different plates, such as polypropylene for storage and collection or polystyrene for assay an incubation. Depending on the construction of the seal, it may have a very specific features that would allow it to seal only certain plate types.

Most seals on the market are either clear or have an aluminium layer, that makes it difficult to differentiate between them. This  does not create an issue if the laboratory is using one seal type for a single application method while using the same plates, but if there are different applications on the same heat sealer or the laboratory’s work is project based with different requirements weekly or even daily, the inability to distinguish between the seals can cause a confusion. The new Porvair Sciences Ultraseal™ range of heat seals have been designed with a clear indications and relevant film information to avoid the confusion.

With film characteristics clearly printed on every seal, it reduces the risk of using the wrong film, and potentially lowering the wasted time and samples. Each information strip is also colour coordinated, that allows for an easier seal recognition for an extra security.

Our Ultraseal™ range of colour coordinated seals is fully compatible with the Porvair Sciences Ultraseal™ Lite heat sealer. A manual system that controls sealing parameters (temperature and dwell time) through a simple touch screen to provide fast reliable plate sealing.

Reach out to our team to find out more about our colour coded Ultraseal™ heat-sealing films and Sciences Ultraseal™ Lite Heat Sealer.