UltraPPM LITE – New and Tested Technology

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Positive Pressure System - New and Tested Technology

Porvair Sciences introduce the new UltraPPM LITE positive pressure system for sample preparation. A simple, reliable and reproducible instrument for increasing throughput of multiwell processing plates.

The Porvair UltraPPM features an interchangeable head design that allows for a simple user switch between 96, 48, 24 and 384 well filter plates. This makes it the most versatile pressure manifold available and ideal for laboratories with changing projects.

Additionally, the UltraPPM LITE – positive pressure system has been manufactured with a gas flow path free from fluorinated polymers, making it suitable for PFAS analysis. Sample dry-down is an essential step in a number of EPA methods for the analysis of PFAS, and it is therefore prudent to reduce any potential contamination introduced by the measuring system.

Many sample preparation process’ require solvent to pass through a filter held within a multiwell plate. The filter itself might be a simple particulate filter, or a more complex chemically active system to extract target analytes from a sample. In any application the filter acts to resist the flow of the sample and solvents, which can lead to delays and long processing times. For many years Porvair Sciences has manufactured a vacuum manifold the increases the pressure difference across this filter thereby decreasing the time needed to process a plate. The alternative is to apply a positive pressure to the head of the plate forcing the solvent through rather than pulling it.

Positive pressure has a number of advantages over vacuum. Vacuum may not be strong enough when analysing viscous samples, the gas source used can be controlled unlike using lab atmosphere, it is easier to operate since there is no vacuum release required, which needs to be carried out in a controlled slow way to prevent disturbing the collected eluants and potentially cross contamination.

For further information, please visit https://www.microplates.com/product/ultrappm-lite-positive-pressure-manifold/