Nitrogen Blowdown Evaporator MiniVap Gemini

MiniVap® Gemini® Sample Concentrator 

Porvair nitrogen blow down evaporators have for many years been a central resource for sample preparation in the laboratory. The ability to safely and easily remove organic and chromatographic solvents from samples is vitally important. Samples can be dried down and re-constituted in a more suitable solvent, or they may simply be concentrated before analysis to increase sensitivity. 

The nitrogen blow down process is ideal for lower boiling point organic solvents such as methanol, dichloromethane, hexane and acetonitrile. The robust design of the MiniVap® Gemini® brings together for the first time in our range two individually temperature-regulated evaporation positions with a wide choice of head styles and configurations. This means you can dry down a 96-well deep well plate at the same time as 48 HPLC vials. This breakthrough in productivity will speed up the evaporation bottleneck in your laboratory, increase the sensitivity of your analyses and quicken sample processing times. 

  • Simultaneously dry two plates
  • Individual gas and temperature setting for each plate
  • Choice of evaporator heads
  • Compact, lightweight design
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