17 March

Microlute SLE products make LLE quick and easy

Introducing Microlute SLE plates and cartridges – the newest addition to our product range, developed by Porvair Sciences to help scientists quickly and easily extract a wide range of acidic, basic and neutral analytes from plasma and serum. Compatible with a range of biological samples, our superior method of liquid extraction uses selectively sourced diatomaceous earth (DE) as solid support to maximise absorption of aqueous solvents. This, in turn, enables better, simpler organic analyte separation and elution from samples.

Microlute SLE range key features and benefits

Thanks to the superior built-in DE system for effective protein and impurities removal, our revolutionary SLE plates and cartridges guarantee cleaner samples. The contaminant-free analytes can then be extracted and recovered effortlessly, thanks to the reduced amount of manual handling involved in operating the reliable system. 

The Microlute  SLE range also uses significantly less solvent and glassware use, which makes the plates and cartridges incredibly lab friendly without compromising their high throughput. In fact, the innovative Porvair SLE technology provides a robust method for higher sample processing designed with sample automation in mind.

How does the Microlute SLE range work?

The diatomaceous earth (DE) material is uniformly packed between two inert porous filters to form a truly solid system for supported liquid extraction. The top filter allows samples to consistently enter and flow through the support matrix.  This enables DE to maximise the capture of insoluble impurities, such as proteins, salts and other matrix components. The purified soluble analytes can then seamlessly flow through the bottom filter and be efficiently eluted using vacuum or automated pressure systems.

With no inversions, shaking or tedious pipetting required, Microlute SLE overcomes sample handling issues commonly associated with traditional liquid-liquid extraction (LLE). Our state-of-the-art SLE plates and cartridges have been specifically tailored to offer researchers a reliable and precise workflow optimised for efficient clean-up of samples for chromatography analysis.

The Microlute SLE range does away with contamination risks and lengthy sample dry downs. Simply load the sample on to the plate or cartridge, allow maximum absorption of aqueous solution and elute analytes in the preferred solvent.

Available in both 96 well plate and cartridge formats, the Microlute SLE is perfect for a variety of samples, including plasma, serum, oral fluids and urine. The products in the SLE range are come in 200ml and 400ml maximum load volume, both of which are compatible with vacuum and positive pressure systems.

The versatility of our SLE plates and cartridges makes them incredibly popular for a variety of drug discovery and clinical application in the pharmaceutical and forensics fields.

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