Ultravap® Minivap

SKU: 229206

Blowdown Evaporator Minivap® (110/230 Volts), without a head

  • Simple manual operation for the occasional procedure
  • Maximum temperature 60 °C
  • Maximum flow rate 90 l/min
  • 241 x 380 mm bench requirement

The Minivap® is a solvent evaporator, purposely designed for low usage research and development departments where low numbers of individual plates or vials need drying. The Minivap® is simple to operate and maintain. Installation requires only connection to a gas supply and standard mains socket. With manual control of the needle depth, gas temperature and flow rate, it allows fine control and quicker drying times than other standard methods.

Quicker dry down times than standard methods such as vacuum oven
Designed for any ANSI/SLAS 96-well plate
24 & 48 vial heads now available
Simple to install and operate
Easy adjustments of temperature, gas flow rates and needle depth into the wells
Compact footprint – fits all standard fume cupboards

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    Ultravap® Minivap
    Product code: 229206

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