UltraSeal Pro

The Ultimate Heat Sealer for Tubes and Plates

Protect precious samples from evaporation and contamination with a new plate sealer engineered to quickly and securely apply a wide range of heat-activated films. This is the ideal entry level instrument that automation laboratories require for a reliable, consistent plate and tube closing.

Product Features

  • High Throughput: 6 plates per minute
  • Operator friendly: Easy to program and operator and integrator friendly
  • Versatile: Able to use multiple plastic ware manufactures plates across applications
  • Reliable: Engineered with robustness in mind

System operation is designed to efficiently apply a heat activated sealing film to a microplate or tube rack top surface by pulling and maintaining control of reel of film cutting to the desired length and by means of heat and time based variables apply the film to achieve the seal . The unit is both pneumatically and electrically operated and hence will require both supplies to be readily available.

  • Compatible with : foil seals, optical seals, gas permeable seals (optional)
  • Automatic cut and apply seals
  • Heavy gas pre seal application manifold (optional)
  • Multi-voltage
  • 110/220 VAC supply
  • Integration ready RS232
  • Shuttle extension module for greater access (optional)
  • Plate height range 7mm to 48mm

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