20 May

Porvair's deep well plates preserve the integrity of samples

Deep well microplates provide an easy and reliable solution for high volume sample collection and storage. Popularly used in life science and drug discovery laboratories, our microplates are made of polypropylene (PP), which is inherently inert and can resist high temperature making them ideal for long-term sample storage. In addition, PP provides a strong support system for liquids enabling the use of centrifuges for spin-down collection.

How are Porvair Sciences microplates different?

The Problem

An essential aspect of the manufacture of these plates is the selection of clean raw materials for production.  Although PP is a commonly used plastic polymer for microplate production, all grades of polypropylene are not the same. Often during a process called injection moulding, several grades of polypropylene often have high concentrations of chemicals required to aid the moulding process.

This allows rapid production of plates and lower costs but this can compromise the integrity of samples or compounds especially when samples are stored at extended periods of time.  The problem is even more enhanced when compounds are stored as solutions in solvents such as methanol or DMSO. As these are excellent solvents, they have a tendency to extract additional contaminating compounds such as mould release agents or polymers flow improvers from the polypropylene base materials.

The Solution

At Porvair Sciences we manufacture our plates from virgin polypropylene to minimize the presence of extractables. When compared to other major microplate manufacturers, GC-MS analysis revealed no significant levels of leachables or extractables. Find out more about this analysis.

It is important that it is essential to select for the correct grade of polypropylene material for storage plate manufacturing.

Porvair Sciences microplate technologies covers a wide range of sizes, well shapes and volumes and applications. Whether you are looking to simply collect and store samples or grow cells, we can help you find the plate you need. In addition, our plates are designed to conform to the ANSI/SBS spcifications ensuring that they are compatible with major microplate readers and automation technologies.