21 May

Protein Precipitation Plate offers a unique Protein Crash technique

The Porvair Sciences Protein Precipitation Plates (P3), also known as Protein Crash Plates, are tailored to effectively remove unwanted proteins during sample preparation prior to analysis. The P3 microplate boasts good flow rate, low non-specific binding and exceptional removal efficiencies.  What’s more, the plate’s clean system ensures no leakage during the workflow.

How does the Protein Crash technique work?

The P3 plates work by the addition of solvents such as methanol or acetonitrile to precipitate or ‘crash’ the protein out of solution. Large sticky globules form and are trapped on an open-pore structure filter. Beneath the pre-filter is a smaller superhydrophobic filter, which retains all liquids above it. To efficiently draw the liquid containing the analytes of interest through and into a collection plate below, a vacuum is applied on that second filter.

The key features of our Protein Precipitation Plate

The innovative Dual frit design of the Porvair P3 plates features a pre-filter frit at 100um which traps large flocculant particles as well as a secondary frit engineered to trap finer protein particles at <10µm.

Both filters (also known as frits) are structured in a way that prevents protein particle breakthrough. What’s more, they are made of unique porous plastic materials to prevent the adsorption of sample components. The pore size of the filters is also optimised to allow for a good flow rate.

Our Protein Precipitation Plates are manufactured to ANSI/SLAS standard, using a specially selected polypropylene for low extractables.

What are the advantages of the Porvair Sciences P3 plates?

In addition to a good flow rate, low non-specific binding and a Clean System that prevents leakage, our Protein Precipitation Plates also boast long drip directors and a wide selection of filtration media. The P3 plates are also RNase/DNase free and automation friendly.

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