Clear Bottom Microplate

96-well clear plates

For routine adsorption, absorption, ELISA, mixing and storage applications the standard range of 96-well assay plates offers the perfect mix of affordability and high quality.

  • Manufactured from high quality crystal polystyrene
  • Flat bottom for spectrophotometric work
  • V-bottom minimizing residual liquid
  • Round (U) bottom for cell/particulate collection
  • Robot compatible
  • Working volumes from 275µl down to 10µl
Product Description
96 well Polystyrene, Clear, Flat Bottom 350ul
Product code: 208004
96 well Polystyrene,Clear, Round Bottom 270uL
Product code: 209004
96 well Polystyrene, Clear, V Bottom 150uL working volume 200uL max vol
Product code: 210004
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