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Microlute Robotic vacuum Manifold

Microlute™ Robotic vacuum manifold

SKU: 228020

Vacuum manifolds speed up the processing of SPE and filtration steps by applying by drawing…
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Scorpion Front View


SKU: 250-10024-002

The Scorpion range offers the user the ability to step up to automated microplate handling…
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Spare Gasket for all Ultravap® evaporators

SKU: 229048

Spare Gasket for Needle head manifold for all Porvair evaporators
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UltraPPM LITE Positive Pressure Manifold


SKU: 250-10083

The Precise Positive Pressure Manifold The UltraPPM LITE is the latest in cutting-edge manifold design,…
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Ultraseal CAP-LITE

Ultraseal™ CAP-LITE

SKU: 229078

The Ultraseal™ CAP-LITE is the manual version of the semi-automated Ultraseal™ CAP-PRO and is the ideal,…
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Ultraseal CAP-PRO

Ultraseal™ CAP-PRO

SKU: 500246

The Ultraseal™ CAP-PRO is a semi-automated cap and mat applicator designed to take the strain…
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Ultraseal COLD-PRO Front View

Ultraseal™ COLD-PRO

SKU: 250-10081

The Ultraseal™ COLD-PRO unit is an automated adhesive pressure-applied microplate and tube rack sealer. The…
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All electric automatic plate sealer

Ultraseal™ ePRO

SKU: 250-10039

Featuring all-electric operation, the Ultraseal™ ePRO removes the risk of cross-contamination inherent in compressed air-powered…
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Ultraseal™ Lite

SKU: 500091

Ultraseal™ Lite. Adaptable Semi-automatic microplate heat sealer. Seals using sheets of film
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Ultraseal™ Pro

SKU: 500290

Ultraseal™ Pro. Automated Heat sealer for plates and tube racks. Seals using rolls of film
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Ultraseal XT-PRO Front View

Ultraseal™ XT-PRO

SKU: 250-10011XT

The Ultraseal™ XT-PRO unit is an automated heat applied micro plate and tube rack sealer.…
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Ultravap Gemini - Microplate Evaporator

Ultravap® Gemini

SKU: 500234

Blowdown Evaporator MiniVap Gemini (110/230 Volts), without heads
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